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Problem: My unit has channels locked out of parental control and I forgot the code.  How do I restore my unit to factory default settings? This procedure can also be used to solve many other problems. Note: Models Vx3600 & Vx3800 the master reset code is 71259 Answer: Hit P-LOCK on the remote then enter 71269 then hit MEM then hit F+ to reset the box to factory default settings. TIP: Do not delay more than 3 seconds while following the procedure above to avoid having to start over. This will also reset the parental lockout pass code to 2999
I Lost My User Manual: Need a new user manual for your unit? This is an Adobe PDF file. When you click on the link to the right you will be downloading the file. This is going to take a few minutes to download. The user manual should automatically appear in your browser if you have a updated browser. Link: We have the user manual available in Adobe .PDF format. Click Here To Print Out A New User Manual
Problem: My unit is displaying a small U on the display and I cannot get any channels other than the lower basics from 02 - 13 or so. Answer: The unit somehow got set into antenna mode. Open the cover of the unit. Remove the small screws that hold the brown colored circuit board to the cover of the unit. It is the circuit board that is directly behind the power button, channel up, channel down, and volume control buttons. Note where it says CATV. Locate the small gap which is between the power button and the channel up/down button. It says CATV on the back side. 
5. Use a small flat head screw driver or metal to contact the copper pad inside this gap to short circuit the gold plated circuit pad. Then the converter will be switched from ANT mode back to CATV mode and the U on the display will disappear. It is the 2 connections between the power button and the channel up / down button. Do this with the unit powered up and turned on.
Problem: My remote control stopped working or I lost my remote control. Answer: If you remote control stopped working first replace the batteries and double check to make they are installed in the correct direction. If the remote still does not work or you have lost or broken your remote you can buy a replacement from us. Click here to buy an extra remote.
Problem: My unit seems to have a slightly fuzzy or unclear picture on some channels. Answer: Try using the F+ or F- Buttons on the remote to fine tune in the channel. The CFT button is to return the settings back to center.
Problem: I cannot get the MEM lights memorized to come on for certain channels. Answer:  Tune to the channel you want to have one or more of the MEM lights come on so that channel is using the MEM feature. Next turn on the MEM light via the remote control that you want to store in memory. Next hit the MEM button on the remote and then hit F+ on the remote to store it. Now the next time you come back to that channel the MEM light you programmed will be on.
Problem: I lost the factory code for the parental lockout setting. Answer: It is 2999 
Question: I bought my unit from you and I need to return it for a refund or a replacement. Answer: You need to send us an email to and tell us your full name, the problem you are having with the unit and what you would like us to do to fix the problem for you. We will then email you back with either a solution or our return instructions.
Question: What is the IRC/HRC/STD switch used for? Answer: Most cable systems operate on carrier setting STD, but there are areas that operate on the HRC/IRC system. This info can normally be obtained from your cable company. If you are unsure of your system start with the switch in the STD position. If the picture is not received properly, even after fine tuning  unplug the converter from the wall, set the switch to HRC, plug in the converter and try again. If that is incorrect, try again in the IRC position. Also, see page 11 of your operating manual for fine tuning instructions.
Question: What is the CH-3/CH-4 output switch used for? Answer: If your cable company broadcasts on channel 3 then leave it on CH3 (this represents 80% of the country.) If the system broadcasts on channel 4 then switch it to CH4.  Your TV/VCR must be set to the same channel as this switch setting.
Trouble Symptoms: Solution: If your converter or TV is on the wrong IRC/HRC/STD setting, you will have one or more of the following symptoms.
1. Basic stations are grainy, snowy, the picture quality is very poor.
2.You have to fine tune every time you switch channels.
3.All channels come in except channels 5 and 6 or only channels 5 & 6 come in.
4. Numerous channels are only received in black and white. Follow the procedure 2 steps above to change the IRC/HRC/STD setting.
Question: How do I activate my sleep timer? Answer: Press the SLEEP button once to display 150 minutes. Each additional press of the sleep button will decrease time by 30 minutes.
Question: What is LCR?  Answer: Last Channel Recall. Pushing the LCR button will take you back to the last channel you were previously viewing.
Question: How do I set the Favorite Channel Memory? Answer: 1. Select the channel to be put into memory.
2. Press the F/M button, then the F+ button within 3 seconds.
Repeat steps 1 and 2 for additional channels you wish to store.
Question: How do I now select my favorite channels now that I have stored them? Answer: Press FAV on the remote. A favorite channel will be displayed with a dot on the lower right corner of the display. Use channel UP/DOWN to select favorite channels.
Question: How do I delete a favorite channel from memory? Answer: Select the channel you wish to delete from memory. It should have a dot to the right of the 3rd digit of the channel numbers. Press the F/M button, then F- within 3 seconds. The period should disappear indicating the channel was removed from memory.
Question: How do I use parental lockout? Answer: (Note, the converters intelligent memory is nonvolatile, allowing your locked channels to remain intact even if power is lost.
Select the channel to be put into lockout memory. Press the P-LOCK button, then F+ within 3 seconds. The channel display will change to ACC and a period is displayed to the left of the second channel digit to indicate the channel has been saved.
Question: Not that I have activated the parental lockout, how do i set the converter for restricted viewing? Answer: Turn off the converter for approximately 1 second, then back on. All channels in parental lockout memory are now restricted.
Question: How do I deactivate parental lockout for unrestricted viewing? Answer: Press the P-LOCK button. Enter your pass code (factory default is 2999). Press MEM.  All channels are now deactivated.
Question: How do I remove a channel from Parental Lockout Memory? Answer:  Deactivate parental control as shown in the step above. Select the channel you wish to deactivate. Press the P-LOCK button the F- within 3 seconds.
Question: How do I change the parental lockout pass code. Answer: Press P-LOCK. Enter your current pass code (factory default is 2999) Press MEM. All channels are now deactivated. Press P-LOCK now enter your new 4 digit password, then press F+ to store it.
Question: Special Modes MEM1, MEM2, MEM3 MEM4 Answer: To set the status of MEM1 select the channel that requires the application of MEM1. Press MEM1 to turn on the indicator light. Press the MEM button then the F+ button within 3 seconds to store the status in memory. To reset the status of MEM1, press MEM1 to turn off the status light then press MEM then F+ within 3 seconds. MEM1 is now deactivated for that channel.
Repeat steps above for MEM2, MEM3, MEM4 as needed.
Question: What is Fine tuning used for or the F+ F- & CFT buttons? Answer: These buttons are used to fine tune in each channel if needed. The CFT button returns the fine tuned settings back to the standard setting.
Question: I have the volume on the converter set as high as it will go but the actual volume coming from my TV set is still not high enough? Answer: Make sure your TV volume is turned up at least 1/2 way before adjusting the volume control on the converter. Note: The volume setting on the converter must be at least 1/2 way to process the Stereo signal and all the way up to process any surround sound signals.

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