Technical Support Area
ClearMax 2000 & 5000 Korean Made Boxes ONLY
Note* If your box does not say made in Korea
These procedure's will not work for you.

Reset procedure for Clearmax 2000, 3000 and 5000 models only that say "Made In Korea" on the bottom of the box.

1. Unplug the unit from power.
2. Wait 3 minutes.
3. Plug the unit back in "but DO NOT turn the power on"
4. Enter 7396468 from your remote control while pointing it at your cable box.
5. Now turn on the power by pressing power on the remote or on the box.
Your cable box has now been completly reset.

Additional Information We do not have any additional information on this cable box. It is no longer manufactured by anyone. The quality of this box was never very good to begin with. Please do not email us for any additional information about this box since we do not have it. If your box says XXX-6000 and it's made in China, go back to our main tech support page and click on the XXX-6000 model support link.




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