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  • The units we sell haven't been altered or modified to receive unauthorized cable signals from any cable company or cable operator.
  • RAN Addressable Cable Boxes (No end user required) Original Equip. Is Refurbished As New Only.
  • Brand New Non Addressable 125 Channel Converters with remote controls, user manuals and some models offer free coaxial cables & RCA cables.
  • Accessories: Remote Controls, Replacement Cases & Lens & Security Tools Remotes available for VM VX 3800, 4000 & 4500  XXX-6000 models.
  • We sell to Cable Company's, Brokers, Web Site Companies and the General Public We offer shipping to Puerto Rico, Quito Ecuador& Worldwide!
  • Web Masters: Need great cable box pictures for your site? Click Here for Free Photo's we paid to have made for you.
  • We do not sell cable boxes that get channels for free or offer parts or technical support for these items. We offer technical support on the boxes we sell.
Universals As Low As $38 Ea. If You Buy 2 Cases +
Vision Titanium - XXX-6000 - ViewMaster 4000+
Special Quito Ecuador VX4500 Boxes
Scientific Atlanta 8580 - 8600 STNN $15 Each Only

We have no digital cable boxes. We do not sell digital cable boxes.
No digital cable boxes digital cable boxes digital cable boxes digital cable boxes
20% restocking fee on all returns authorized by us & no refund on shipping.

At this time we have no cable tv converters to replace digital cable settop boxes. Digital cable boxes cannot be replaced. Consult your cable company for digital cable boxes. They are the only ones that can provide you with a digital cable box. Digital cable boxes are digital cable descramblers & they will descramble digital TV but you must rent or buy them from your cable company only. Just call them and ask them to sell you a digital cable box.

Digital cable boxes are not available. Do not call for digital cable boxes. Nothing available for digital cable boxes Nothing available for satellite tv & we have no digital cable box for satellite direct tv. No digital cable box no digital cable box descrambler no digital cable descrambler no digital period.

1. ClearMax XXX-6000 $38 Ea.
2. Vision Titanium Vx 4500 In Stock

3. ViewMaster 4000 PLUS
4. View Master 4000 Old School Box
Scientific Atlanta 8580 In Stock
Jerrold & General Instruments
7. We Sell Cable Box Remote Control
8. Original Equipment $15 Each
Free Remote Control With Each Unit

Universals As Low As $35 Ea. Delivered FREE
Located in Quito Ecuador South America? No Problem, we can ship to you!

The Clearmax XXX 6000
The Titanium Vx4500 Unmodified Cable TV Box Offered By A.P.I. Inc.
The ViewMaster 4000 Plus Unmodified Cable Descrambler By A.P.I.
DEALERS WANTED! Buy Where The Big Dealers Buy!
We ALWAYS Answer ALL e-mails
New boxes come with 30 Day warranty. Original equipment has no warranty.
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Pay With Visa Master Card - PayPal - COD. We are a Wholesale distributor and only accept pre-pay, C.O.D. orders visa - mastercard - paypal. Order carefully. We do not offer refunds or returns if you purchase unmodified boxes & do not realize they are "unmodified". 20% restocking fee on all returns authorized by us & no refund on shipping. Electric Scooters - Gas Scooters - Electric Bicycles - Electric Scooter
  • Cable Television Equipment FAQ's:
  • Addressable Equipment Defined:Addressable means a cable operator can control the box VIA the (ESN) electronic serial number located on the bottom of all Addressable cable converters from their office. If you rent or buy a converter from your cable co. or buy a unit from us, it will be sold as addressable.
  • Modified Equipment Defined:Modified is when someone installs a program that forces the unit to defeat the cable company's security and ability to address the unit and allows the unit to view all channels for free. We do not sell these type of cable boxes!
  • The cable boxes we offer for sale have not been altered or modified in any way to receive unauthorized cable signals from any cable company or cable operator.
  • FACT: All Cable Companies using addressable equipment also sell or rent new and used addressable and non addressable converters! AT&T (Formally TCI) Customers can find this offer in writing in your cable converter hand book or visit their web site at
  • If for some reason your cable co. wants to rip you off by not allowing you to purchase your own equipment we would like to suggest you cancel your cable service and switch over to Direct TV satellite. For $30 a month you can get about 100 channels all in digital and Direct TV will never treat you wrong. Click here for a link to their site to see for your self Direct TV. Did you know that a few months ago nationwide subscriptions to satellite service passed up subscriptions to cable services for the first time ever
  • Digital cable box descramblers FAQ's: In the future we hope to offer addressable digital cable tv boxes, just like your cable company offers now. We have no satellite tv boxes, nothing for satellite tv boxes. Watch for digital cable boxes in 2005. When digital cable box descramblers become available for us to sell, they will be cable company approved. You will contact your cable company, provide them with the ESN on the bottom of the box and they will activate the cable box digitally from the cable company or another location. Digital cable descramblers or cable box are the same thing. They are all descramblers. Your cable company simply controls when the digital descrambler will be turned on and that is determined by what you pay them for. If you pay for digital cable channels then those channels will be turned on by your cable operator. The digital cable box is an amazing new revolutionary settop digital box. It can enhance your viewing experience. Many new features are offered with the digital cable box. Look for us to offer the digital cable box in a few year
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